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Sweet Siberians

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Welcome back my dear reader! I can’t emphasise enough how happy I am that my blog has found its regular readers. It's the best feeling! My week has been filled with some spring care for the dogs, cutting their nails, brushing them and so on. We also had a small crew shooting videos of some winter activities with the huskies at the kennel so that was something different from our normal routines. And you know what, I unraveled Jussi's sweater and started doing it again from the scratch. I know I'm crazy but I wanted Jussi to have a sweater that he can actually use. So, I'll keep you updated on that project.

But more importantly, today I will introduce the last part of our dog pack which is the working Siberians (and two mixed ones). Drum rolls, please!

"The whole pack started with Siberians only because we like their arctic features."


Born in 2016

Leader dog

As I mentioned quickly in last week's post, Maahinen was one for the four first dogs we got. The whole pack started with Siberians only because we like their arctic features but nowadays the ratio has turned upside down. Our Siberians still are very dear to us. Maahinen is a son of Rávdna and much like her in many ways. Maahinen has been a trustworthy leader in our team and even though he's small and not-so-slim he has amazing capabilities to run with our Alaskans without any problems. Maahinen is quite sensitive and sometimes shy with new people but he's super sweet and so kind to all other dogs. His name means 'goblin' in Finnish and his name definitely describes him well.


Born in 2013

Team dog

Dui or officially Uumen Dui joined our pack in early 2019 together with her three daughters. One of them sadly passed away a while ago but the two are her best friends. She is the other one of our two officially registered Siberian huskies, Ceevris being the other one (forgot to mention that last week). Dui is an independent and strong minded female with dignity and a great passion for running. She has been a good role model for her daughters.


Born in 2018

Team dog/learning to be a leader dog

Ateena is one of the daughters of Dui. As been said many times before as well Ateena also reminds a lot like her mother with her calmness and the attitude for life. It is well known that huskies tend to inherit a lot of same characteristics from their mothers. Ateena definitely has potential to be a leader dog some day and she has been training to become one but she still needs practice to learn the commands and to get more focused. Ateena one of the most obedient Siberians I know and she is really smart.


Born in 2018

Team dog

Malla is the twin sister of Ateena and like her sister she is sweet and kind to all dogs and humans. Malla is probably one of the easiest dogs in our family and never causes any problems. She can run with anyone in the team and she doesn't make a big number of herself. She loves to be petted and pampered but unlike her sister she's never demanding for attention. As the sisters were only 10 months old when we got them it feels like we have had them from the beginning and they feel like our own puppies.


Born in 2018

Team dog

In February 2018 we had our first own litter born at our kennel. Rávdna gave birth to four beautiful babies in the middle of the night when it was -26°c degrees outside. Shamaani was one of the four. From the beginning he has been the mental leader of their gang. Which describes his personality quite well. He has dignity and doesn’t let others to fool him. With humans he's the most loving but with others (except his twin bother Soturi) he usually wants to show off his ego. Well, with Soturi as well but they are still best friends and Soturi knows how to deal with his brother. When Shamaani was a teenager he used to climb over their fence every time we were going running with the team and wanted to tag along no matter what. Now he's learned to wait for his turn but loves running


Born in 2018

Team dog

Soturi is the twin brother of Shamaani. Even though he looks a lot like a wolf with his color eyes eyes he is most likely the sweetest and goofiest boy you’ve ever met. And small, haha. A real baby. Soturi never wants to harm anyone and is always in a good mood. He looooves belly scrubs and throws himself to the ground hoping to get some scrubbing. He has being doing that since he was a tiny puppy. Soturi loves running with the team and you can count on his contribution while working.


Born in 2016

Team/wheel dog

Myrsky and his brother Mars joined our pack soon after Valo and Lotus so quite early on our journey with sled dogs. They are mixed with Siberian and Alaskan husky and some other breeds as well. Myrsky has a very determined soul and strong mind and loves running more than anything. He has always been climbing over the fence like a Houdini no matter what obstacles we built but now we have found a quite good solution. Myrsky is always a very happy fellow and his smile is sweet and wide like a sun.


Born in 2016

Team/wheel dog

Mars is in many ways the opposite to his brother. He's much more easy going but a really good runner. Mars is definitely the Einstein of the pack. He always seems to be thinking of something and is super curious, following everything that's is happening around him. He is always watching closely when we fix their fence and we think he's the master mind behind every escaping attempt and event Myrsky has had during the years.

What's next?

So that was it! Now you know all of our dogs. Of course, there are still four more dogs that are living at our kennel. Nowadays, Haltia and Menninkäinen, the sisters of Shamaani and Soturi, belong to our friend and our kennel helper Tiia but they are still living with us until they can permanently move with Tiia. In addition to that, our previous family members Luonto (a brother of Hyena) and Yentna (a half sister of Qilak and Anyu) who are now our friend Ella's dogs moved back to stay with us for some time before going back to her. Dogs that have once been a part of our family have always a place in our hearts and can come to visit us.

But now I'll have to finish some real work, do the dishes and after that I'll continue knitting Jussi's sweater. Until the next week and new adventures!

Life is the best, enjoy!

xx, Inka

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