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Snow & Sweater Weather

Whoa what a week has it been! I mean, we have gotten heavy snowfalls four or five days in a row and that means that my whole body is sore and tired from cleaning the kennel site and the road from the snow every single morning for 1,5 hours. Don't get me wrong I love snow but when it's snowing nonstop for few days, it's a bit too much. Which actually get's me to what I came here to write about.

I need more hours to the days

This past week has been really busy. On the top of the snow we have had positively surprising amount of customers at the kennel so I've been helping out Jussi everyday and then worked from home in the evenings. And that is what I should start doing right now as well but I didn't want to break my own rule of posting every Thursday. So today's post will unfortunately be a bit shorter.

Until this week we haven't had that much snow here in Rovaniemi since the weather has been cold. I think now the winds have changed and the warmer air currents brought first the snowfalls and then warmer weather which started today. Now it is actually +1 celsius degrees outside and the forecast seems to continue like that for the next week as well.

"Yes you heard right. It's finished!"

So tell me, what could be more ideal time to test and try my new sweater? Yes you heard right. It's finished! And I'm so so so happy about the outcome. The fit is perfect and I love how the colors and the patterns turned out. I made this sweater following the guidelines of Linka Neumann's Alasuq model but like I always do things, I want to be creative and walk my own path, I created partly my own patterns for it be become a unique piece. The Icelandic wool is so amazingly warm and keeps the moisture out so it's a perfect top to wear now with a wind stopper jacket under it.

Jussi's sweater is basically Linka's Wilderness

model but I changed the pattern in the sleeves. I wanted to make the paw sweater for my musher man. Jussi wanted the colors to reflect the Lappish culture so he chose these navy, mustard and dark red for his.

Unfortunately I’m not completely satisfied about the outcome of Jussi's sweater and I definitely had way more problems with it than with mine since it was the first ever sweater that I made. The patters and everything are good but it turned out to be a bit too oversized than I wanted. I will fix it later but now my fingers need rest from all the knitting.

What's next?

But yes, time is ticking and my deadlines are approaching so I need to wrap this post up. The upcoming weekend is a bit more easy going and we have more free time so I hope I have more to write about next week and what's more important, I have the time to write! Now, I will grab another cup of coffee, a piece or two of chocolate and get to work. I will leave you with a picture of happy Qilak and her sister Anyu ready to go running. See you next week!

Life is the best, enjoy!

xx, Inka

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