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An ode to February

Lately I have started to think that February might be my favorite winter month, at least one of them. It has all the beauty that the winter can offer; the cold and the snow, the sun, the blue hours, the pinks and the purples of the sunsets, the starry nights and the northern lights. That's why I want to give February the credit it deserves since I feel like nobody ever talks about it.

The spring is coming

You know, one of the best feelings ever is when the first rays of sun hit your face with a warm and bright greeting after the months of polar light. Even though I like December and January with their magical feeling, mystical colors and darkness I do have to admit that damn… the sun feels so good! It gives you a whole new kind of energy source and creativity.

I can definitely tell that the dogs feel the same energies. They have just enjoyed the sun and the perfectly cold weather we have had for few weeks with all hearts. I believe this picture of Ceevris sums up pretty much that feeling.

The scenery is out of this world!

To prove my point so far this February has provided its best. The day the month changed the sun came out and rose above the tree line. We have been running the dogs in snow covered forests and on a river ice that bath in the sunshine. The scenery is out of this world! And you can actually feel that the sun is warm already. The birds are singing and the the nature seems to be waking up day by day. It is not spring yet but we are going towards it!

So yes, I'm officially part of the knitting boom that is going on in Finland, the same boom that is the reason for all the Icelandic wool being out of stock from all over Europe.

Love and creativity

As mentioned, February has given me heaps of inspiration and love for new creative work. After all I did finally manage to build this blog and publish it. Aside from that I have been planning our new home and surfing on Pinterest like a crazy person. I love planning and designing, sketching and well… pinning. Our home will be so beautiful! At least that's what it looks like in my head right now but we'll see. With an older house you always need to be prepared for sudden surprises and ready to make quick changes. And then there's always the budget.

Also, a new and exciting arts and crafts hobby! After 15 years or even more I've started knitting Norwegian sweaters for me and Jussi (not in the picture though, I'm not that good!). Thank you for the encouragement, my dear friend Tiia. In fact, I did start this new hobby already in early December but due to the amount of work I've had recently I got more into it few weeks ago. So yes, I'm officially part of the knitting boom that is going on in Finland, the same boom that is the reason for all the Icelandic wool being out of stock from all over Europe. I can show you the results when I have finished my own sweater. Jussi's sweater is done but boy did it cause me grey hair at some point along the way. The knitting progress has been full of ups and downs, laughter, anger, some ran out yarn, frustration and the best of all: the perfect feeling of accomplishment and success. Is there a better thing than seeing your own handprint and being able to wear a piece of clothing that you made yourself? I can't wait to wear mine!

Valentine's Weekend in pictures

My parents came to visit us last weekend. It was so nice to see mom and dad. The last time was on Christmas and we don't get to visit them too often since it's not that simple to leave the dogs and find someone to take care of them more than one day at a time.

We took them for a sunny Valentine's Day ride on Sunday. They were in Jussi's sled and I was running our oldies, Harmaa 9 years old, Ceevris 9 years old, Rávdna 11 years old and the younger generation, Ateena and Maahinen in the lead. It was once again a perfect day of February.

On Saturday after dinner we went together on a little trip outdoors to see the Northern lights and a magical starry sky, ah! I haven't been photographing Northern Lights this winter yet since we always go to bed early but it is highly rewarding when you see them. Even though I've seen them many times they never stop amazing me. It is such a meditative moment!

A snap shot of the Northern Lights and magical starry sky from Saturday

What's next?

What a luck we still have some weeks of February left and I bet March will be good as well with all it's adventures! Now that the blog has landed and set its place I decided that I will be publishing here once a week, in every Thursday afternoon. It will be easier for me to plan ahead and for you my dear reader to come back and follow the story. So see you next week!

Life is the best, enjoy!

xx, Inka

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